Exactly What Is An Ignition Interlock?

Many people shudder at thought of having one of these devices and are disappointed to learn that this device may be the only way that can drive their car for period of time in the future. The reality is, with Washington State DUI laws become harsher… Read More
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Punched Hole in License Violates Due Process?

Whether it is a Seattle DUI arrest or a DUI arrest anywhere in Washington State, it will include the DUI officer punching a hole in your driver’s license if your breath test is over the legal limit, or if you refuse to take the test. Washington Sta… Read More
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1999 Washington State DUI Law Changes Explained

In January of 1999, changes in Washington state DUI laws made it a lot easier to turn law-abiding citizens into serious criminals in the State of Washington. Most lawyers had dire predictions of the effect the new DUI laws would have on all aspects o… Read More
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