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Jon was recommended to me by a very high profile successful business lawyer in Seattle as the go-to lawyer for DUI issues. Jon was successful in getting my charge reduced. He is very well known in the community by judges, prosecutors and other lawyers which was most beneficial in my case. Also, in my case the venue, while still in Washington State, was outside of King County. Jon went the extra mile for me and “personally” drove to the prosecuting jurisdiction on my behalf to investigate and research all of the best possible outcomes for my case—outstanding effort and there are no words to adequately thank him for the tremendous effort and results.

The bottom line is Jon negotiated an outstanding outcome for me; one which will save my career and keep me from the incarceration nightmare that awaited me. Jon gave me his personal cell phone number and was always available for counsel. He is a very knowledgeable, well known, well trained professional…and he really cared about my personal and emotional welfare during this process.

A DUI is a legal quagmire that without the aid of an outstanding professional like Jon…the process and outcomes are very unpredictable and scary.

– A client testimonial from Avvo

I work with attorneys every day from all over the country and I have some experience with attorneys who defend those charged with DUIs. You are a pro in every respect. Back when you were voluntarily helping me find a solution to my son’s problem, I was amazed at how openly you availed yourself to me and how patient you were in dealing with me. I appreciate that you recognize how daunting and intimidating this whole process is for folks like us and then how you go out of you way to make sure your client A) clearly understands the process and his choices and B) knows that you will be there with him, and for him, at every step. You obviously like people; and you are very good at what you do. Best of all you do all this humbly and with no arrogance. I hope I never have to refer anyone to you; but I would do so with no reservations.

– M.R.

I hired Jon after a friend who is a traffic attorney recommended him to me, saying Jon was simply the best. I interviewed 4 different lawyers and ultimately decided to hire Jon because 1. He would work directly on my case 2. His many years of experience specifically with DUI cases and his focus on these kinds of cases 3. His communication style - honest, direct and clear. 4. Showing a lot of care for my case.

Even after I hired him, Jon stayed super prompt in his communication and continued to answer my many questions. The case against me was weak and the prosecutor decided to dismiss it before the arraignment. While it's hard to say for sure, I suspect the prosecutor saw Jon was the representing attorney on the case and realized it would be a waste of their time. So the end result was a complete dismissal of the DUI charge. But Jon didn't stop there. He also negotiated reducing my speeding ticket which was part of the DUI to a non moving violation. Jon has basically helped me get the best result I could ask for. Even after the case was dismissed, Jon continued to answer my questions, share tips and advice about next steps and share referrals per my request.

I hope I never need Jon's services in the future, but if I or family/friends do, I will absolutely hire him again. Thanks Jon for a great representation!

– Anonymous, ★★★★★ Avvo Review

You have made a tremendous impact on my future through your good care and direction. You have looked past my embarrassing indiscretion with gracious understanding. I will forever be thankful to you. I may never require your professional services again but I hope our paths cross socially. Gratefully indebted

– B.M.

I have to tell you Jon, that your follow up and your professionalism all through my case is very much appreciated. It’s hard to find people like you in any profession let alone the legal business. You are truly a breath of fresh air.

– J.D.

I want to tell you how much I appreciate your kindness and solid representation. I really believe that everything happens for a reason and I am so so glad we were able work with you. You helped save my life, and for that I will always be grateful. I will always remember you. Thank you for helping me turn my life around and get on the right path.

– B.K.

I work with attorneys every day from all over the country and unfortunately I have some experience with attorneys who defend those charged with DUIs. You are a pro in every respect. Back when you were voluntarily helping me find a solution, I was amazed at how openly you availed yourself to me and how patient you were in dealing with me. I appreciate that you recognize how daunting and intimidating this whole process is for folks like us and then how you go out of you way to make sure your client A) clearly understands the process and his choices and B) knows that you will be there with him, and for him, at every step. You obviously like people; and you are very good at what you do. Best of all you do all this humbly and with no arrogance. I hope I never have to refer anyone to you; but I would do so with no reservations. Thank you for everything.

– M.R.

Having had the horrible experience of being stopped for DUI and thinking it would ruin my life, a lawyer-friend of mine recommended Jon Fox’s firm as the best in the state. Well, what can I say but he was absolutely correct. Jon and his associates (Diana is amazing as well) handled my case with expertise, patience, diligence and honesty. I was put at ease from the moment I walked into Jon’s office and clearly he is the best DUI lawyer in the State! My case was resolved very favorably for me and Jon and Diana were always available for any questions, concerns or fears I had. Thanks to them this horrible experience was handled in the best way possible. I recommend Jon and his firm without hesitation.

– A client testimonial from Avvo

Jon is one of the most professional and dedicated individuals I have ever had the pleasure of working with. He will listen to your needs, and do the best he can to accommodate each and every one of them. Jon will work for you and give your case the time and attention required, to give you the best outcome possible. If you or anyone you know is ever in need of legal assistance, I HIGHLY RECOMMEND consulting Jon Fox.

– A client testimonial from Avvo

I still thank God every day that I was sent in your direction when I got arrested. You did a brilliant job, and I’m still grateful. If there’s anything I can do for you in the lines of aviation, don’t hesitate to ask.

– M.J.

Jon Fox is the King of understanding the DUI laws to protect the rights of the defendent. He is clear, professional and makes no false promises. During my case I was constantly informed of all options. I never felt like I was not getting the service that I paid for. I highly recommend Jon Fox.

– A client testimonial from Avvo

Hi Jon, Just to let you know, with pleasure, I did go to the Avvo Web site and rate your services, nothing short of supurb!!! Jon, again it was a pleasure to meet you under extremely unfortunate circumistances, I wish the very best for you, your family and the entire team you have working for you.

– O.S.

I just wanted to thank you for your tireless work on our cases. This has been a tremendously stressful ordeal for us but you have made it much smoother than we thought possible. We are both very happy with the outcomes and owe it to you and your team. If there is anything that you ever need, please don’t hesitate to let us know. We will certainly recommend you to anyone that finds themselves in a similar situation. Thanks again and please let us know if you need anything.

– S.M.

Thanks for all of your help. You’ve been great, and my wife and I (as well as our son, I’m sure) really appreciate your assistance.

– D.Z.

We thank you from the bottom of our hearts for this but mostly for your willingness to stick by us. From our perspective the dismissal was an indication that the charges never should have been brought to court.

– D.G.

I wanted to thank you soooo much. You were such a big help to me the day in court. I don’t know how it would have turned out had you not been there. You were great!!! Thank you, thank you.

– R.M.

“Jon Fox is regarded as the best DUI lawyer in the state of Washington.” I tested this description of Mr. Fox by selecting him as my attorney. His work is outstanding. He is extremely knowledgeable in his selected area of jurisprudence. He was very personable with me and left “no stone unturned” in my defense. His patience with me and my unending questions was extremely gratifying. Bottom line: working with Jon Fox gave me a peace of mind during my troubled times that is priceless!

– A client testimonial from Avvo

Thanks again Jon for the good news and all the great work you guys have done for me!

– P.T.

Thank you very much for the effort and the help you gave me, I cannot say how much I’m grateful to you. God bless you and your family. America is great because it has people like you. Once again, thank you very much.

– M.A.

I have never been happier since the DUI ended. Seriously, I was so relieved afterwards. I felt 80 pounds lighter…like this giant weight was taken off my shoulders. Thank you so much. You have no idea how grateful I am to you. You saved my life, you were a great lawyer and I am so happy we found you. I will suggest you to anyone who needs a DUI lawyer.

– L.J.

Thanks again for getting everything straightened out with my DUI charge. I just wanted to let you know that I really have appreciated your working on my behalf and the professionalism and courtesy of everyone in your office.

– Y.B.

I just want to express my appreciate to you and your staff for all your work and support during my court case. It was a very difficult time for me and only with your help did this situation end in a satisfactory solution. Thank you all very much.

– C.P.

You have been such a lifesaver for me, and I am truly grateful for your kindness as well as your excellent representation. Warmest regards

– C.J.

I would like to thank you for the good job you’ve done on my case. You’ve been a great help and support for me. Thank you again and best wishes from me.

– M.A.

I just wanted to express my thanks and appreciation for the good work. When we left the courthouse Tuesday am, I think I was still in a bit of shock regarding the positive outcome, and am not sure I really spoke to my level of appreciation. Again, my sincere thanks.

– P.M.

All is doing well with me. My life is improving. My experience during this ordeal ended up quite positive and enlightening. You spared me from further damage and potential devastation. Thank-you for guiding and protecting me through it. I feel professionally represented and treated with dignity and respect. You, Diana, and your firm receive high praise in any discussions related to your services.

– F.J.

I am thoroughly grateful for your time, expertise and generosity. You have gone above and beyond and it has made a great difference. Your help was both warm and comfortable. Thanks again.

– H.J.

I truly appreciate you stepping forth to represent me, and putting my nightmare to rest. Thank you so much, Jon.

– S.C.

Many thanks for the wonderful help you gave us in our time of need. Your clients are very fortunate to have you representing them. Of the many blessings we are thankful for, knowing you and your sincere efforts are those we will always appreciate.

– D.H.

I still think about you and the comfort I experienced in your very competent representation. You did such a fantastic job! You were consistently non judgmental and whether or not you believed me, you never once made me feel like a loser or liar. You always treated me with kindness and respect.

– P.R.

I would like to congratulate you on a job well done. The outcome of “not guilty” was an important result for me. I am delighted with our success. I want to emphasize my opinion of your total dedication and effort on my behalf. You conducted my case with true professionalism. I will always respect your professional opinion and talent. As I mentioned before the outcome, I was confident that my position was represented by an expert. I wish you the best and maybe we will see each other on a social occasion in the future. It would be my pleasure.

– G.B.

Congratulations on the acquittal. It was an experience to watch the trial, and I learned a tremendous amount about dui litigation. I would be indebted to you further if you would give me notice when you’ll be doing another cross of the “tech.” This seems to be the most important area I need to work on.

– An attorney, new to DUI defense litigation, writing to Jon Scott Fox

Thank you for all you did involving my case. I must admit that I wasn’t sure which way it would turn out and was pleased with your courtroom savvy. Please thank your staff for consistently providing me with information as needed.

– W.R.

Thank you so much for helping our family this past “almost two years” — it is because of your excellence in your profession that our results were so good. I am, of course, very thankful; only special, sincere and committed attorneys could have done such a good job.

– H.R.

I met with you immediately following a DUI arrest. You were helpful, and your attitude really helped me to feel like a normal person again… I wanted to sincerely thank you for your time and advice. I really appreciate your help, and I don’t expect that I will need it again.

– M.H.

Thank you for the great job you did defending me. The unique approach you took to my case shows that you’re willing to go the extra mile for your clients and it is truly appreciated. If we meet again I hope it will be under different circumstances. In any event, I will be recommending you to anyone who could use your assistance. Thanks again.

– S.R.

Getting into trouble isn’t fun for anyone. However, being in your capable hands made it easier to take it in stride. Thanks again for your competent representation.

– T.B.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for the professional manner in which you presented my case to the jury. The relief I felt upon hearing their decision was indescribable. There is no possible way I could have arrived here without your help. For the record, I am giving up attorney jokes forever. Thanks again for your help, Jon, and best wishes to you and your family.

– M.G.

I just wanted to thank you for your diligence in representing me in this case. You are very talented in your job and I plan to recommend your services to others in the future. It is nice to work with someone who is honest and straightforward in their approach to problem solving.

– C.L.

I cannot begin to tell you how much the work you’ve done on my behalf has affected the outcome of my life. I happen to be one of those people that believes I will be successful and happy to matter what happens to me in life… but thanks to your expertise, diligence and hard work, I am able to continue along my chosen career path.

– J.M.

J. and I want to thank you for your hard work and dedication on his behalf. We’re very pleased with the outcome and understand the situation could have been much worse. Our insurance dilemmas seem to be over and we’ve secured with a good company. Thanks again, and I would refer you without hesitation.

– T.W.

I hired Mr. Jon Fox to help me with my case 20 months ago and am extremely happy with the service he has provided. Even though my case was complicated and took a long time to resolve, Mr. Fox remained completely professional and driven through the entire journey. I have worked with a number of lawyers over the past few years and I can say without a doubt that Mr. Fox is by far the most professional and personable lawyer I have ever worked with.

Mr. Fox cares about you, your situation and resolving your legal issue with the best possible outcome. I can say this with complete conviction that hiring Mr. Fox was the best legal decision I have ever made.

If you are looking for a committed, caring and professional lawyer to help you with a DUI case, I highly recommend him. You will not be disappointed.

Mr. Fox, I cannot thank you enough for what you have done to help me and my family. God Bless.

– B.K.

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