DUI Arrest

Aggressive Advocacy for DUI Arrests in Washington State Police officers make the decision to arrest a citizen for a DUI when they believe there is “probable cause” for the arrest. This is a subjective belief on the part of the officer and subject… Read More

Field Sobriety Test

The term “field sobriety tests'' is a misnomer. According to the most recent research, even state of the art field sobriety tests (FSTs) currently approved by the Federal Government do not measure impairment of the ability to safely drive a car.… Read More

Portable Breath Test

A portable breath test (PBT) is a device used by police to help them decide whether or not to make a drunk driving arrest. It is typically given at the roadside where the drunk driving arrest is made. However, the “official” breath test machine … Read More

Legal Drinking Limit

To be reasonably accurate, there are many factors to consider when determining a driver's legal drinking limit. This includes the period of consumption, rate of consumption and type of liquor consumed must be known along with other critical facts, s… Read More

Miranda Rights

Anybody who has watched television knows that the arresting officer must read the “Miranda rights” when a citizen is arrested. What is the effect of the officer not reading the Miranda rights to a person arrested for DUI? It depends upon the part… Read More

DUI Breathalyzer

Washington State law says that if you are arrested for DUI, you have already consented to take a breath test, also referred to as a breathalyzer. However, the officer will ask you whether you will take the test or refuse it. It is not fair to require… Read More

Traffic Stop

There must be a valid reason to detain a citizen and it must be proved in court when challenged by the defense. All citizens in this country have the right to travel free of unjustified police interference. Traffic stops based upon a hunch and seemin… Read More

Drunk Driving Accident

The consequences of a DUI in Washington state can be harsh — and they are even more severe if you have injured another person while driving under the influence. If you have been involved in a drunk driving accident and are facing charges for vehicu… Read More

License Suspension

Solid Defense. Effective Outcomes. Washington’s DUI laws are among the toughest in the nation. Even if you are never convicted of DUI, you can face substantial penalties and serious legal consequences. Critically, mandatory license suspension accom… Read More

Occupational Drivers License

If you are convicted of drunk driving your license will be suspended. The minimum suspension is 90 days for a DUI first offense where the breath test results were under .15. There is no “occupational drivers license” available for a DUI convictio… Read More

SR-22 Insurance Requirement

When a driver’s license is suspended or revoked by the Department of Licensing through the “administrative suspension/revocation” process or because of a conviction for DUI, the law requires that proof of “financial responsibility” be filed… Read More

DUI Process

Helping You Every Step of the Way Being charged with a DUI may be one of the most stressful experiences you have ever been through. After the arrest, you might be scared, confused, and wonder what will happen next. Importantly, there are specific adm… Read More

DUI Charges

DUI charges can take a substantial toll on every aspect of your life. Being charged with a DUI in Washington can have a devastating impact on your life, livelihood, and family. However, a DUI arrest doesn’t always have to mean a conviction. By havi… Read More

DOL Administrative Hearings

Washington’s DUI laws are among the toughest in the nation. Mandatory license suspension accompanies every DUI arrest where the breath test was refused or where the breath test was at or above the legal limit. If you are a Washington State licensed… Read More

DUI Court

After you have been arrested the first DUI court appearance, also referred to as an arraignment, will be held. This is not a time to “go it alone.” An experienced DUI lawyer will be able to advise you regarding the practices of a particular court… Read More

DUI Penalties

Washington State DUI Laws Toughest in Nation If you are reading this after having been arrested for DUI, stiff Washington State DUI penalties loom large and may dramatically affect your life. Don’t panic – a DUI arrest is serious but defending yo… Read More

Electronic Home Monitoring

Washington’s harsh DUI laws all involve mandatory imposition of a jail sentence upon any DUI conviction, and these laws have aggravated a pre-existing system-wide problem of jail overcrowding. In response to this problem, Electronic Home Detention… Read More

Ignition Interlock Device

Upon an alcohol related DUI conviction, and after you have served the license suspension imposed because of the conviction, any vehicle you drive must have an ignition interlock device for a specified time, usually one year. The interlock device is a… Read More

Mandatory Jail Time

Mandatory Jail for DUI Conviction The penalties for a DUI in Washington can be severe and include substantial fines, electronic home detention, loss of driving privileges, and jail time. Significantly, even if you have no prior offenses, you can be c… Read More

Criminal Defense

It’s Your Future. A criminal conviction in Washington can have steep consequences. But you don’t have to let one mistake define the rest of your life. If you’ve been accused of a crime, having a skilled criminal defense attorney by your side ca… Read More