What if Attorney Diego Vargas Represented You on a DUI?

We at Fox Bowman Duarte pride ourselves on being on the cutting edge of the law so that we can provide excellent representation for our clients who are accused of DUI. However, we know from experience that there is more to providing excellent representation than just knowing the law. Illustrating the results of this approach, the following remarks were posted on the AVVO webpage by a client who was represented by FBD partner Diego Vargas in a very difficult DUI case. "I may not have been one of the County's worst DUI offenders, but I sure felt like it. The Saturday that I meekly walked into Diego's office, shaking, remorseful and scared, to find him in a t-shirt, shorts and flipflops with a genuine smile and caring gentle manner gave me a small sense of ease to a badly bruised ego and sorrowful soul. Having worked in the civil area of law for 20+ years, I had some idea what would happen in court, but I was always provided with a briefing on what was going to happen that day, and he was always right. Criminal courts are scary with the potential of losing your freedom and loss of driving privileges, but I always felt confident with him on my side. If I would have had to face these issues on my own or with another less compassionate, less experienced attorney, I am not sure my psyche would have carried me through in tact. Diego not only provided me with support and encouragement, but my mother as well. She was there with me at every hearing and step along the way, and his graciousness with her amazed me to no end. There were times when I would leave messages on his voice mail long after business hours were over and he always responded within 24 hours. During a portion of the time of my 2 year court ordeal, there was a short period when he was unavailable to be in court with me due to a high-profile case he was handling and a highly-publicized fight with the courts and State about breath test issues. Diego sent the most experienced lawyers from his office to attend those hearings with me. When that case and his successful fight over breathalyzer calibration issues were over and he was able to appear with me in court again, me, the criminal, received the most genuine and heart felt apology from him for not being able to have been with me during those few routine court appearances. In my experience of working with attorneys I have never seen that display of compassion from attorney to client. We went through a 2 day jury trial, and in the end Diego, the superhuman lawyer, convinced the jury that I was not the only one at fault in this incident. Not guilty was the verdict. It has been over a year since that trial and there is not a day that I leave my house in the morning and forget to quietly thank him for my freedom. I am a tough cookie and can be quick to criticize an attorney as to their professionalism, demeanor and knowledge. Diego and his staff all deserve five stars in every category. They kept me informed; kept me sane; and kept me from losing my house, my pets and my career. Thank you Diego! You are the Dream Team of Washington State!!"