Do I have to go to Jail for a DUI?

The possibility of serving time in jail is one of the most frightening things about being arrested for DUI. Many Washington State Patrol troopers routinely book into jail every person they arrest, thus many people already have had a view of what jail… Read More
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WSP Sued- Everybody Goes to Jail?

Once a DUI arrest has been made and the processing has been completed (breath testing, fingerprinting, etc.) the arresting officer has the authority to decide whether the suspect will be booked into jail or released. Some jurisdictions routinely rele… Read More
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An Exception to Washington State’s DUI "Mandatory Jail"

DUI convictions require judges to impose mandatory minimum sentences. This is true whether the DUI occurred in Seattle, Redmond, Bellevue, or anywhere else in Washington State. Mandatory minimum sentences for a Washington State drunk driving convicti… Read More
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