Barred From Canada For DUI

Having a DUI charge pending, or a DUI reduction, or conviction on your record will get you banned from visiting Canada, where drunken driving is treated as the most serious type of offense (Indictable Offence ). This is the equivalent to a felony, and you'll have to wait at least five years from the date probation terminated, and then complete lengthy paperwork to be considered rehabilitated and admissible to the Country.

There is no guess work about it, if the immigration officer in the at Canada Customs becomes aware of your prior DUI, pending DUI, or DUI reduced to something else, you will almost certainly be turned away and told not to return until the matter is resolved not only in your home state but with Canada Immigration. With the upcoming Olympics fast approaching and the games worldwide attention drawing more than 250,000 visitors to the Province, some wonder if the strict policy is worth it. In the meantime, if you are planning on attending the games in person and you have a criminal conviction for DUI, or even a pending charge now, even if it is resolved before the games you will likely be inadmissible.

These types of immigration consequences are what are called “collateral” consequences. Being aware of them before it is too late, and dealing with a DUI charge with an eye towards minimizing these types of issues is what a highly trained DUI lawyer can offer. At Fox Bowman Duarte, we have such lawyers who are often called upon to teach other lawyers how to competently deal with these issues. We also maintain important contacts to Canadian immigration lawyers who will be necessary in many cases to close the case on Canadian admission stemming from a DUI charge. If you are someone you know is facing a DUI charge, or recently resolved a DUI charge and seeking a visit to Canada for business or the upcoming games it is important to seek legal counsel trained to deal with these unique and complex issues.