I hired Jon after a friend who is a traffic attorney recommended him to me, saying Jon was simply the best. I interviewed 4 different lawyers and ultimately decided to hire Jon because 1. He would work directly on my case 2. His many years of experience specifically with DUI cases and his focus on these kinds of cases 3. His communication style - honest, direct and clear. 4. Showing a lot of care for my case.

Even after I hired him, Jon stayed super prompt in his communication and continued to answer my many questions. The case against me was weak and the prosecutor decided to dismiss it before the arraignment. While it's hard to say for sure, I suspect the prosecutor saw Jon was the representing attorney on the case and realized it would be a waste of their time. So the end result was a complete dismissal of the DUI charge. But Jon didn't stop there. He also negotiated reducing my speeding ticket which was part of the DUI to a non moving violation. Jon has basically helped me get the best result I could ask for. Even after the case was dismissed, Jon continued to answer my questions, share tips and advice about next steps and share referrals per my request.

I hope I never need Jon's services in the future, but if I or family/friends do, I will absolutely hire him again. Thanks Jon for a great representation!