Jon Fox Speaks at the Judicial DUI Forum

Jon Scott Fox and Fox Bowman Duarte partner Bill Bowman recently shared the podium for a presentation to judges at the 2009 Judicial DUI Forum in Lynnwood, Washington. The event is sponsored by the District and Municipal Court Judges Association and provides a forum for the discussion of current issues in DUI defense and prosecution. The presentation concerned field sobriety testing and the issues discussed included the proper administration of the tests, the position of the National Highway Traffic Administration regarding field tests, the weight to be given to field tests if admitted, and whether the evidential use of the horizontal gaze nystagmus test should be judicially limited. Mr. Fox and Mr. Bowman were the only representatives of the criminal defense DUI bar at this forum. Jon and Fox Bowman Duarte partner Diego Vargas will be speaking to local judges at the 2009 Judicial DUI Forum in Kennewick later this month.
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