Annette Henshaw graduated from Central Washington University in 2003 with a bachelor’s degree in Law and Justice and a Paralegal certification and double minored in Psychology and Family Studies. She then attended the Chicago School of Professional Psychology and earned a Master of Forensic Psychology in 2012. Annette decided to achieve her goal of becoming a practicing lawyer and in 2017 she was accepted into the Washington State Supreme Court Law Clerk Program, a four-year legal study and apprenticeship and will qualify her to take the Washington State Bar. Currently Annette is a Rule 9 licensed legal intern which allows her a limited license to practice law under a supervising attorney. In addition, Annette was a Guardian ad Litem for 15 years beginning with title 13 dependency cases and then transitioning to Tile 26 domestic relations.

In the last semester of her undergraduate studies Annette started working for the Kittitas County Prosecutor’s Office. In 2004 she began working for Korte Law Office as a paralegal where the practice focused on criminal defense. Annette came to work for the Fox Law Firm in 2018 where she found that her principles align with the focus of the firm in giving every client the attention and time to get the best possible outcome. Annette says that "When you choose a job you love you will never work a day in your life." This saying has never been truer since working at the Fox Law Firm.

When Annette isn’t at work, she is happily working on the family farm in Eastern Washington tending to her garden and livestock. She loves traveling with her family, especially any place with a sunny beach. If that sounds boring or too mundane don’t worry she finds excitement in skydiving and zip lines during her travels.