Jon Fox spoke to an audience of over three hundred attorneys who attended the 2010 seminar "Defending DUIs" sponsored by the Washington Foundation for Criminal Justice on December 10, 2010. Washington State has only recently approved a new breath testing device for deployment by law enforcement. Next year, the device will be used to test citizens who are arrested for DUI. The device, the Draeger 9510, is largely shrouded in mystery as, to date, no Washington State operator or maintenance manuals are available for release to the public. Mr. Fox's research for the speech included examination of over 2,000 pages of records he obtained under Washington State's Public Records Act and review of transcripts of testimony from landmark cases in other states involving the same technology used in the new machine. The new device will be the subject of a new chapter authored by Mr. Fox for the book, "Defending DUIs in Washington," later this year.

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