Questions Seattle DUI lawyer Jon Scott Fox will ask you if you are arrested for DUI in Washington state.

How Much Did You Have to Drink?
This is a critical question in any DUI case.

Why Did the Officer Stop You?
There must be a valid reason to detain a citizen and it must be proved in court if challenged by the defense.

Did You Take a Portable Breath Test?
A PBT machine is a portable breath test device used by police to help them decide whether or not to make a drunk driving arrest.

Did You Take the Field Sobriety Tests?
Field sobriety tests are not mandatory and there is no legal obligation to submit to the tests under Washington Law.

Were You Read Your Rights?
Anybody who has watched television has heard that the arresting officer must read the “Miranda rights” when a citizen is arrested.

What Were You Told About The Breath Test?
Believe it or not, under Washington’s “Implied Consent Law” you have already consented to the breath test if you drive a car in this state.

Did the Officer Punch a Hole In Your Driver’s License?
If so, the police officer has reported your arrest to the Department of Licensing and the suspension or revocation of your license is imminent.