Courtroom Q&A

Answers from Bellevue DUI attorney Jon Scott Fox about what happens in court, finding a lawyer, legal consequences, and costs.

How Do I Find A Good DUI Lawyer?
If you’ve been charged with DUI, finding a good lawyer should be your first priority.

What Will Happen If I Am Found Guilty?
Unlike most other criminal charges, a conviction for DUI entails both maximum and mandatory minimum sentences.

Can a Breath or Blood Test Be Challenged?
Yes—but only if the defense attorney is intimately familiar with DUI laws and other important DUI-related issues.

Will I Have To Go To Trial?
Whether a DUI case goes to trial or not is usually determined by several factors.

What’s Involved In a Deferred Prosecution?
The Deferred Prosecution statute is designed to emphasize treatment more than punishment.

Can I Get an Occupational License for Work?
Washington law allows you to apply for an occupational license, or work permit, but not until you have served the first thirty days of your suspension.

What If I Have a Commercial License?
The licensing consequences of DUI are particularly egregious for those who possess a commercial license and are stopped while driving a commercial vehicle.

What Special Rules Apply If I Am Under 21?
In an effort to crack down on under-aged drinking drivers, the legislature has enacted a zero tolerance policy directed at that group.

Will I Lose My Job?
A DUI arrest can have a devastating impact upon your continued employment.