The key information regarding Washington State’s DUI laws that will enable someone charged with a DUI to better understand their special circumstances.


DUI Penalties
Comprehensive chart showing Washington State’s current DUI penalties.

Male Blood Alcohol
The blood alcohol chart for men.

Female Blood Alcohol
The blood alcohol chart for women.

Special Topics

Prior DUI Conviction
One unusual aspect of Washington State’s DUI laws is that you can be treated as if you have had a prior DUI conviction even if you have not actually had a prior DUI conviction.

Electronic Home Detention
Electronic home detention is now used in certain cases, in response to jail overcrowding.

Ignition Interlock
Washington State’s DUI laws can require the installation of an ignition interlock device in your car upon a DUI conviction.

Financial Responsibility Laws
When a driver has his or her license suspended or revoked, the law requires that proof of financial responsibility be filed with the department of licensing before the license will be reinstated

Key Forms

Below are some of the key forms that you may need if you’ve been convicted of a DUI in Washington state. All forms are in PDF format (download latest Adobe reader). The complete list of Washington state Department of Licensing forms is here.

Check the status of your Driver’s License

Learn how to reinstate your Licence

Driver’s Hearing Request

Occupational/Restricted Driver License Application

Ignition Interlock Driver License Application

Employer Declaration for Ignition Interlock Waiver

Ignition Interlock Installation Verification

Driver’s Record Request

Offender’s Application for Interstate Compact Transfer

Arrest Docs

Miranda Rights
Anybody who has watched television has heard that the arresting officer must read the “Miranda rights” when a citizen is arrested.

DUI Interview
These are the questions you will be asked by the police officer if you waive your right to remain silent.

Implied Consent Warning
This is the “official” warning about taking or refusing the breath test.

Ignition Interlock

Certified Ignition Interlock Devices

Washington State Patrol

Ignition Interlock Operational Requirements

Interstate Compact (ICAOS)

RCW 9.94A.745
Washington state law for interstate compact for adult offender supervision.

All state officials and state courts are required to effectuate the terms of the compact and ensure compliance with these rules.

ICAOS Advisory Opinion 2-2008
Temporary business trips to another state.

ICAOS Advisory Opinion 7-2006
What constitutes a “second or subsequent” DUI offense is defined.

ICAOS Advisory Opinion 6-2005
Request for Opinion as to Washington’s “deferred prosecution” statute.

2008 Bench Rules
Bench rules for judges and court personnel.

Offender’s Application for Interstate Compact Transfer
An application for transfer under ICAOS.

Court Info

King County District Courts

Seattle Municipal Court

Snohomish County District Court

Pierce County District Court

Washington State Court Directory