To Do: After a DUI License Suspension.

Posted by - April 28th, 2017

A good DUI defense attorney will focus on avoiding the DUI license suspension that the DOL seeks to impose after a DUI arrest or conviction. There are separate ways that the license can be suspended – administratively, due to a refusal to submit to the test or because the reading exceeded the legal limit, or due to a conviction of an offense such as DUI for which license suspension is mandatory. If you have served a DUI license suspension,  you are still not legal to drive unless you “reinstate” your license. The DOL does not automatically give you your license back after you have served a suspension. To complicate matters, the requirements for reinstatement are different depending upon the type an length of license suspension. Remember, if your license is suspended, you will need to reinstate the license after serving the suspension in order to drive legally. Fortunately, the DOL has created a web-tool that will step you through the process, and it is pretty easy to access. In some cases, simply payment of a reinstatement fee is required. In others, filing SR-22 insurance, an alcohol evaluation and follow-up treatment is required. In still other cases, you’ll need to take the written and driving exams in addition to other requirements before the license is reinstated. The forms sent by DOL on license suspension are not very helpful when it comes to the requirements for license reinstatement, but the DOL webpage is helpful. Here’s the DOL link that steps you through the reinstatement process: You can always give my office a call (425) 274-9190 for help with this or any criminal traffic related problem. We offer representation for all DUI and traffic related matters, focusing upon cases arising in Western Washington, but offering representation in certain cases in counties east of the mountains.